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Premium Care Synthetic Upholstery Protection


7-YEAR Product Protection & Service Plan

  • 7 Year Accidental Stain Protection
  • 7 Year Accidental Damage Repair
  • Exclusive Store Loyalty Offer

Why should you protect your Synthetic upholstery?

Modern synthetic upholstery is extremely functional with a wide variety of types and finishes.

For peace of mind, an important consideration in purchasing quality synthetic upholstered furniture is to have it protected against stains and accidental damage to retain the natural feel and appearance. Premium Care Synthetic Upholstery Protection will provide that peace of mind.

ACCIDENTS HAPPEN. Premium Care protection products can not stop a spill or an accident from happening, it will however assist the spill from becoming a permanent stain. Remember the faster you clean up the spill the less chance there is of a stain remaining

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You will receive with your kit:

A 7 Year Service and Protection Plan which covers accidental stains and damage such as punctures, cuts and cigarette burns.

This kit includes:

Premium Care cleaning and protection products, which will aid in keeping your synthetic upholstery’s natural appearance. A Premium Care Synthetic Protection and Service Plan document with stain removal guidelines and a Harvey Norman Loyalty voucher which is redeemable at any time.

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